Badass Lingerie

Haben wir eigentlich schon erwähnt wie sehr wir LA FILLE D’O lieben? Nicht nur wegen des zeitlosen, unfassbar coolen Styles, der Qualität des Stoffes und der tollen Frauen hinter der Marke sondern auch weil sie eine Vielfalt von Schöhnheiten zeigen und auf Photoshop verzichten! So real, thank you for that!



la fille d’O is avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude. without compromises and therefore all-embracing.
in 2003, murielle victorine scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. „my own shameless eve, a matriarch moulded after the women who have personally inspired me. the past is filled with women who elevate living into art. i wanted to tune into that frequency of wisdom. to grow from there, as a woman, mother and maker. i missed such a savoir vivre and alike women in both media and fashion. no better place to start a revolution under the soughing skirts close to mother’s womb.“
All handmade in Belgium, fabrics made in Belgium, trimmings made in Germany, hardware made in France and Germany. No compromise.
Avaible in A-E, also in black, also as swimwear!